Our ambition

Our ambition is to improve people's health through technological innovation. Our expertise is to use the state of the art in natural language processing (NLP) to query a set of biomedical data and provide the most relevant answer to any question, no matter the language, grammar, syntax, even spelling mistakes.

We created Posos to meet a major challenge: provide rapid access to simple, reliable and personalized information on medicines.

What we do
Posos is developing an artificial intelligence-based decision support solution, capable of understanding and contextualizing medication-related questions to immediately provide healthcare professionals with personalized and reliable answers, by crossing official data sources.
Posos can generate insights about how drugs are prescribed, dispensed and consumed.
Our technologies unlock the value of medications data and drive decisions that improve health outcomes. These insights, often buried in unstructured data, are otherwise difficult to get and far too labor-intensive to extract with current tools.
Our technology allows healthcare professionals to ask questions the way they would ask their colleagues.

How we do it

Posos's artificial intelligence software provides answers to questions about drugs from a corpus of information from several sources. It's a four-step process.


Analyze the question.

This determines precisely the type of information people look for when asking a question This first step helps understanding the meaning of the question and its context. In other words, what is the question about?

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